Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Both individual and corporate users are hereinafter referred to as "Members" or "Users".

In w3Clan, which is a web site of Human Resources databases consist of resumes of candidates and profiles of companies. w3Clan is an interactive online environment which is technically supported in order to protect all individual and corporate membership informations and provide security for your information, in regard to its privacy policy.

Users agree to inform w3Clan immediately in case that they are aware of any unauthorized access to their accounts or their password was compromised or transpired. w3Clan shall not be responsible of any unwanted access by third parties regarding the members passwords, members accounts and members names with or without a permission, all legal and penal obligations regarding such leak shall be member’s liability.

Any violation of this article might result in unilateral cancellation of the services without any notice. w3Clan accepts no responsibility in case the individual or corporate members who do not correspond or take into account, the privacy policy which is pre-determined, should encounter with any occasions in oppose to those privacy policies. Should there be a negative condition as such, it is thereto recommended to contact our "Customer Relationship" department.

Members accept and pledge that all the information given in the membership form is correct, valid and up to date and that he/she will compensate any and all possible deficit of w3Clan and/or Third parties on account of any mischief or invalid information regarding thereunder.

w3Clan can not be held responsible of the members violations of policies by members who sign up with w3Clan but do not comply with the regulations stated by privacy policy or membership terms and conditions. You may at any time delete your resume from the database in case you experience such violation.

w3Clan is entitled to render the information about a members to authorised offices, in case it is determined that the members is using the web site in contrary to Privacy Policy, Membership Terms or laws, or such requisition for an investigation or detection is conducted by legal authorities.

Companies have the ability to advertise job offers, perform name searches among registered resumes, generate customized resume pool for their company (among the candidates who applied for their advertisements) and inform individual members who are their company’s followers about their company.

w3Clan is not responsible of the information which the employer companies provide about themselves through the web site.

Employer companies can contact their applicant candidates via the "Messages" section. It is merely the employer companies’ initiative to inform the aplicant candidates. Messages shall be transacted to the database, while accordance with the privacy policy is kept abode.

E-mail addresses, IP address and All contact information provided / taken by/from users are used during the w3Clan membership process are off importance in respect to keep in contact with our members and to announce news letters, campaigns new actions and to validate the user authenticity. If you feel , you don't want to provide or let us take any of such information, we ask you to leave our site immediately as we do not allow any such users who could not provide or allow us to do authenticity check with or without permission.

Members who are looking for jobs can share their curriculum vitae’s with other people using e-mail or the web sites allowed by w3Clan. Regarding this process, the e-mail address indicated by the user shall not be used for any other purposes than news about the web site, announcements and sharing the activities by w3Clan.

Informations of the candidate (contact numbers, e-mails etc..) who fills in the profile form in w3Clan is shared only with the prestigous companies or employer which are members of w3Clan.

Some information about our users who use the web site can be shared with members companies in order to build a more functional web site, on condition that the privacy policy is not violated.

Information such as educational status, occupation and birth date, from all our visitors who have filled in the individual membership form, are used in order to expand the scope of the services which are offered within the web site and to determine the expectations and demands.

w3Clan can use the members information in some marketing activities for advertisement, presentation and marketing purposes on condition that the Privacy Policy is not violated. w3Clan can send e-mails and cell messages for advertisement, presentation and marketing purposes.

Members accepts and undertakes that he/she read, understood and acknowledged all of the articles included within the Privacy Policy and the Terms and he/she confirms the validity of all the information that he/she gave as of the time the web site is used.

If you have any question or information to ask or violates your country terms and condition, you can leave us mail to "" . One of our team members or myself will be in touch as soon as possible.